Parasailing FAQs

1. Is parasailing scary?

We don’t think so and neither do our guests. Even the most apprehensive people come back to tell us how amazing it was. We often hear that it’s like you’re floating on air and that it’s very peaceful and serene. Also, our team has been professionally trained to meet United States insurance industry standards as well as best practices set forth by the Water Sports Industry Association. In other words, we are extremely safety focused and will not fly unless the weather conditions are within safe operating parameters.

2. Do I need to have any experience to parasail?

The only requirement is that you are able to sit in a harness and follow the directions of the crew.

3. Are there any age or weight restrictions?

The minimum age to fly alone is 14; this is due to the ability to follow directions of the crew. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their liability waiver. We have no maximum age limit, our oldest flyer was in her 90’s! The minimum weight to fly alone is 110 pounds–your body weight acts as a pendulum to stabilize the parachute. We do not have a minimum age but we do, however, have a minimum size which is dependent upon fitting into our smallest harness safely. In the event that someone does not meet our minimum weight or age requirements our staff is always happy to accompany them on a flight; we have gotten a lot of great selfies this way! Maximum combined weight will depend on the wind conditions the day you fly. Weight requirements change daily due to weather and sea conditions and the crew will make all final determinations based on providing you with the safest flying experience.

4. Can two or three people go at the same time?

Using our Multi-flyer bar we can accommodate single, double, or triple flights. Both wind and weight will be used to determine the safest flying set up for your group–the crew will make the final determination.

5. Do you take-off from or land in the water?

All take-offs and landings are done on the platform on the boat.

6. Do I have to get wet?

The crew will give you the option of taking a ‘dip’, but otherwise, no; all take-offs and landings are done from the back of the boat.

7. What can I expect to see parasailing?

Panoramic views of Ambergris Caye and the reef. On occasion you will see dolphins and turtles. Rays, sharks, fishermen, and tour boats are fairly common.

8. Can we fly higher than 250-300 feet?

We limit our flights to 250-300 feet to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The wind often changes directions at higher altitudes (wind gradient) which causes instability and movement in the parachute. Our years of experience operating in the waters around Ambergris Caye have proven that the 250-300 foot level is our ‘sweet spot’.

9. What should I wear?

Bathing suits and beachwear are always appropriate. Layering is a good option if you are going out for an early morning or sunset flight.

10. Can I go along just to watch?

Yes, space permitting.

11. How long will I be on the boat?

Typically you will be on the boat from 40 minutes to an hour with your in flight time being approximately 15 minutes. If you have a larger group you can expect a longer amount of time on the boat.

12. Why is the flight only 15 minutes?

This is an industry safety standard–we want you to land safely, on your feet, on the back of the boat. The parasail harness could cause your legs to fall asleep if you are in it for more than 15 minutes.

13. Is your company specially trained, experienced and or licensed?

Yes! Our Captains are trained and licensed by the Port Authority of Belize and our crew is trained to the WSIA standards for parasailing. We are also the original parasail company in San Pedro and have the only boat designed specifically for marine parasailing.

14. Are reservations required?

We love reservations–they help us plan our day and ensure proper staffing levels–but they are not required.  We will absolutely do our best to accommodate people without reservations. Reserving directly through us ensures you will receive the lowest price.

15. How far in advance should I make a reservation?

As far in advance as you are able. We recommend scheduling for earlier in your vacation to allow time for rescheduling if Mother Nature is not cooperative.

16. What if I want to do something special with my family and friends for a birthday, anniversary, wedding party, or just want the boat ourselves?

We love private tours. Let us know what you would like to do–we can make it happen.

17. What part of our vacation should we plan parasailing for?

We encourage you to plan for parasailing during the first part of your vacation–this allows time for rescheduling in the case of inclement weather.

18. What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice for cancellations.

19. Should I tip the crew? How much?

Absolutely! Our crew works very hard to ensure you have a safe and fun parasail adventure. They often go above and beyond–tipping is a great way to show your appreciation. From TripAdvisor–“tour guides… the tip should be calculated as a percentage of your total bill as follows: 10% usually means you aren’t totally happy, 15% usually means all was acceptable, 20% for excellent, over 20% for outstanding.  15-20 percent is considered standard in most communities.”

20. Isn’t high wind better for parasailing?

Not necessarily.  Although our chutes are rated up to 24 mph we fly in surface winds from 0-20 mph depending on the gusts–we will not fly when gusts are greater than 5 mph over sustained winds. Our Captain and crew are constantly assessing the weather conditions to ensure safe flights for our guests.

21. The storm isn’t here yet, can I get a quick flight in?

Sorry, no. Storm systems often have strong winds up to 7 miles in front of them. While it seems calm at the moment, the unpredictability of the front will keep us safely on the ground.

22. What can I take up with me?

Anything you are not afraid to lose. Past guests have taken rum punch, cameras, GoPros, and phones.

23. Do you take pictures or video?

We will take video or pictures from your phone or camera–just ask the crew. We can also arrange a photo/video shoot and prepare a video of your experience, please contact us for pricing.

24. Will you pick us up?

Yes, we provide complimentary pick up service at your dock for all resorts and homes within 2.5 miles from town center. If you are further than 2.5 miles a fuel surcharge will apply–please contact us with your location and we can provide the exact surcharge.

25. Where can I buy your merchandise?

Here is the link to our Redbubble store.

26. How can I book?

 Booking your adventure directly with us will ensure you get the lowest price. You can call, email, or Book online!