As the Tide Rolls–An Introduction

Welcome to As the Tide Rolls!



This blog is named after our super comfortable and fun pontoon boat that we use for our excursions—well, everything but the parasailing— and it simultaneously pays tribute to my college alma mater, the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  But don’t hold that Bama thing against me. The goal of the blog is to share tidbits of interesting and useful (I hope) information about life on the island, about Belize Parasail Plus and our adventures, and an occasional humorous reflection or two.  I’ll be posting on the company website and on our Facebook page trying to help folks learn a bit more about life here on this rock called Ambergris Caye.

A note about me—I grew up in Alabama and have always been drawn to the water. I’ve spent my whole life swimming and lifeguarding, and yes, I still want to tell kids not to run at the pool, but nobody will give me a whistle.  I also grew up boating and have been scuba diving for almost 30 years. Wow, that makes me sound old! Maybe I should tell stories that begin with, “Back when I learned to dive we had to swim against the current both ways…”   After almost 28 years of teaching on various levels—Yep, definitely old— I left my job as a professor of English at Gonzaga University—Go Zags!— in Spokane, Washington to follow this dream of living on an island and making people’s vacation wishes come true.  You dream it; we make it happen. That’s our goal at Belize Parasail Plus—Making Memories One Adventure At A Time.

A note about Belize Parasail Plus—MaryAnn Bartlett and I bought the company in September of 2017.  It’s the oldest parasail company in Belize, and we had a vision of expanding it and really making it something special.  Our whole company concept is based on what we like to do and how we like to be treated when we travel. We like to have fun, enjoy safe adventures, have our guides take good care of us, and be comfortable while we’re doing it.  Since we took over the company we have climbed more than 25 spots on Trip Advisor, so I think we are doing something right! (Shout out to our crew for earning a 2018 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence!!)

In addition to parasailing we have added Tide Rolls, to our business.  This is our fun boat—it will take you snorkeling, fishing, partying on the beach, or just out to enjoy the sunset.  We’ve served Christmas brunch and hosted a marriage proposal—and, we even did a trash the dress wedding parasail with a private photo-chute (I think I should copyright that and offer professional photo-chutes; what do you think?).


We’ve taken families swimming with sharks and served champagne and chocolate as the sun sets.  We’ve made it possible for less able bodies to enjoy the water and created a safe place for young kids to play.  You name it; Tide Rolls is RTR, or Ready To Roll!


Shoot me an email if you have questions about something in my blog, about the island, or about Belize Parasail Plus.  [email protected]


Happy vacation planning!

-Patsy Fowler