Soar above the Caribbean Sea and gain a new perspective of Ambergris Caye. No other experience compares to the thrill of parasailing 250-300 feet above the water and looking for marine life.

Our past parasail guests have seen dolphins, sharks, rays, & turtles–what will you see?

We offer solo, double, or triple parasail flights.

Your parasail adventure begins with a safety briefing from the first mate.

Next, you will be secured in a life jacket and safety harness as you are instructed how and when to move to the flight deck. After the chute is launched the first mate will attach the passenger bar to the chute and call you to the deck. You will stand as your harness is attached to the bar and then move forward and sit with your legs in front of you. And finally…you’re flying! You will ascend slowly and                                                                smoothly as the captain guides you over the beautiful turquoise waters inside                                                              the  barrier reef.


Sit back and relax, you will have approximately 12-15 minutes to parasail and enjoy the sights of San Pedro, the reef, and the surrounding beauty of Ambergris Caye. Take a selfie, make a video–you decide, it’s your adventure.

As you return to the boat you will receive instructions from the first mate. He will ask you to reach up and grab the bar above your head and to extend your legs into a standing position. Following his directions will ensure you nail your landing.

You can reserve your adventure with a 20% deposit on our

‘Book-it!’ page.

Solo: $85 USD                   Double: $170 USD                  Triple: $225 USD