Our Team

Nestor Cerpa—Captain, Island Waves

Neto, as he’s been called since he was a kid, was so energetic that he insisted on being born even before his mom could get to the hospital.  He says he’s been driving boats as long as he can remember, and is a our main parasail captain as well as a flight instructor.  To hear him tell it, he has quite the reputation as a soccer player and proudly supports FC Barcelona.  Nestor has also been known to lead reptile tours where he introduces guests to local crocodiles, snakes, and iguanas.  He is also an experienced diver and spear fisherman who loves to laugh and make others laugh.  Nestor is always safety conscious, but he will definitely make sure you have a good time!

Phillip Thomas–Parasail Captain and Flight Instructor.

Phillip moved to San Pedro from Belmopan when he was 16 years old. He’s been working in tourism and water-sports since he arrived. He is a licensed boat captain, fishing guide, and snorkel guide. Phillip is also a rescue diver and a pretty adventurous fly boarder–he has almost perfected his back flip and would love to teach you to fly board. You may hear us calling him Peanuts, a reference to his habit of eating peanut butter in the dive shop.

Johana Aguilar Martinez—Guest Relations Specialist

Johana is the smiling face you encounter when you step up to our window (or call or email—you can probably tell she’s smiling, even through the phone). Originally from Stan Creek, Johana and her husband Abner moved to San Pedro because they always wanted to experience island living. She loves having a view of the ocean from her desk, and she enjoys meeting new friends. Johana plans to eventually put her Associate’s degree in business management and economics to work in the classroom where she hopes to teach business courses. She described her first parasailing experience as “floating on a cloud.”